3 thoughts on “My lady.

    • Couldn’t recall if I’d responded to this!

      No ma’am…Judy is my partner, mate, and best friend. And also the ultimate in women.

      I hope you two can soon meet.

      Have a GREAT week!


    • I just saw this notification….my apologies.

      That is my girlfriend, Judy Sharon…the ultimate in women. I don’t think I could — or want to — go very long without her. She’s been my rock thru all the medical BS we’ve had to go thru. She’s a dang good photographer, also. She’s in several calendars, and one of her images won the “Readers Choice” award in the Myrtle Beach-based magazine “Grand Strand” photo contest. (We did OK with them until I got sick…they only publish six times a year, and I got to do 3 of the 6 “View from Here” columns that year. Want some links to read some coastal “perspective” pieces? )

      Anyway, Judy and I have been together for three years. (She was married for 28 years — and is now a grandmother). Ive been deeply blessed, in so many ways.

      But with regard to Judy, am I lucky, or what?!

      Stay safe, buddy.


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