Here we go again…

Hoping for more days like this with this amazing woman.

A “Caring Bridge” post made by Judy last night…


Just one more thing…

Life finds me yet again sitting on my porch and thinking. Life is a constant struggle – from day to day- one thing to another. We all ask, “does it ever get easier?”

Or, “does it ever go away?

”The answer my friends is, no.

We have to take what we are dealt with and plow through it.

You will find yourself still standing on your feet. You will find yourself still moving forward. You will do your best with what’s in front of you and leave the rest to the powers above you. Life is an unpredictable phenomenon. No matter how good or bad things seem right now, we can never be 100% certain what will happen next.

And next for Gray is dental issues.

As most of you noticed today on Facebook, we were at Duke…again. Gray went to 3 local dentist and one oral surgeon, and they all suggested he go to Duke. Due to the fact of the medications he has been on- chemotherapy, immunotherapy, chemo pills and especially the Xgeva ( a bone fortification injection that somehow causes upper and lower jaw bone problems. ) Well take your pick from the medicines, because one or all has caused some serious teeth decay. Plus they may hinder the healing process, we are praying they don’t because that is a whole new ballgame that we haven’t practiced for. If Gray’s mouth (gums) does not heal properly he will have to have multiple sessions of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Which is a treatment used to speed up healing of carbon monoxide poisoning, gangrene, stubborn wounds, and infections in which tissues are starved for oxygen.

So come July 23rd, Gray will be undergoing surgery for all of his teeth to be extracted ( the doctor is going to try to save 2 on the bottom for anchors ).

Many of you knew my daddy, and if you remember, he had only one eye. He always said, “take care of your eyes, teeth, well you can buy teeth…you can’t buy eyes.” Lol!

So on the bright side, Gray will have a beautiful, pearly white smile! I’m thinking positively!

And you also noticed that we went to the Orthopedic doctor today too. Gray is still getting injections in both shoulders for partial tears in both rotator cuffs and bicep muscles, due to Meniere’s falls. They help, for a short while…but one surgery at a time is all we can handle.

Remember that even in the darkest of days, there is hope out there. We just have to lift our heads up toward the sky, toward the light, to find it.

And regardless of what’s happening to us right now – good, bad or indifferent, it’s all just part of the phenomenon we call “life” – which flows like the river, unpredictably from one occurrence to the next. And the smartest choice we can make is to swim with the flow of the river.

God bless and Thank you.“Be soft.

“Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.”~ Iain Thomas


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All the best to all of you.

Gray | CaringBridge


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