Living Legend Paul Goldsmith

An appreciation video for Rhonda Glasnak and the staff of Racing’s North Turn Restaurant & Museum, as well as Buz McKim and his weekly “Legends of Racing” podcast pit crew, for their hospitality and hosting of a very special occasion in Daytona: the beachfront reunion of Paul Goldsmith and the “Roarin’ Relic,” the ’49 Olds Rocket 88 that he last drove in the car’s final Beach-Road Course race on February 21, 1958. Finishing fifth that day, two days later he went on to the final Grand National race run along the beach.

Mr. Paul Goldsmith

Goldsmith, a member of multiple halls of fame, including the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America, located on the Daytona Speedway grounds, is the only man to win major Daytona races on a motorcycle and in a car on the 4.1-mile Beach-Road Course, and was also a winner on the 2.5-mile Daytona International Speedway upon its opening.

Left: February 21, 1958 Right: August 20, 2020

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