In Memory: Mrs. Vera Robinson

In loving memory of of one of my favorite teachers, upon her recent passing.

ER graciously allowed me to pen a few words about his wonderful mom — and a model teacher for so many of us — to be shared at her service on behalf of all us now-old “kids” who were fortunate enough to sit in her classroom.

We didn’t know how blessed we were.



February 12, 2020

On the passing of Vera Robinson, teacher, friend, mentor and model…

Our world is a little dimmer today with the recent loss of our treasured Mrs. Vera Robinson, but we can find comfort in the Christian recognition of the Final Chapter, that our loss was Miss Vera’s well-deserved gain: entrance to Heaven, where so many of her old friends await, none more important than the glorious reunion with her loving husband, Ernest senior…or “Joe”, as they affectionately referred to one another.

But the world is a bit brighter, too, as we’ve also gained from this sad reality: another caring Guardian Angel, a point of light that we know will ALWAYS be with us, is now on-duty, 24/7/365, guiding us thru dark days and unpleasant circumstances, and sharing in spirit the glories Life can bestow.

And I know there’s a part of Vera Robinson in me, forever. Praise Him.

Few teachers had a bigger impact on me in those formative years than she did. Because “education”, as Miss Vera viewed the matter, included a lot more than readin’, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic; she also included a couple of other “R”s: Respect – for oneself and others, and Responsibility, learning to take accountability for your actions.

And her classroom was her CASTLE. And no one could give a sterner look at a disappointing performance than she…just as no one had a slier smile when passing out a grade of “A”, her personal reward. But with Mrs. Robinson it wasn’t as much the “A” that was earned; at times it was the unexpectedly pleasant “B’, or even “C”, that someone scored, which showed that effort had indeed been put forth to LEARN, which was Miss Vera’s true goal: PREPARING her students for Life, in every regard. It wasn’t always as simple as the answers on a mere test that concerned Mrs. Robinson, rather the DIRECTION her students were taking; in part, having the proper respect for the subject was just as important as scoring well.

In short, Miss Vera wasn’t just an educator; she was a TEACHER, by knowledge and example.

And regardless of the week, month, or year, every kid that sat thru her class left better prepared for not only future learning, but the best possible future, period.

Vera Robinson taught scores of local young people, and I Thank God for allowing me the opportunity to be her pupil, to have had her as a teacher and mentor. And one need look no further than her offspring to know why: because apples don’t fall far from apple trees. And she hit home runs at home, too.

Our hearts hurt with the loss of this so very-special lady, and our condolences to the Robinson family.

In bidding my final farewell, to Miss Vera, all I can say – and I think I speak for a multitude of her former students – is simply, “Thank You”. Your impact was forever.

Gray Bostick

Bennettsville High School, Class of 1977

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