Rescue of old racers a gift


A time for reflection and appreciation; an opportunity for us all to slow down, acknowledge God’s gift to the World, and value the people and things past that have contributed to who we are and brought us to this point in our lives. Some more temporarily than others, of course – but even fewer less that have a lasting impact; things that remain life-time loves.

And we’re blessed that there exists a community of enthusiasts who have gifted us all by savaging and maintaining remnants of an era as Southern as sweet tea: Stock Car Racing. In short, it’s an amazing assemblage of work; a result of what can only be passion for the task.

Rare is the Southern local who is indifferent to this sport that grew up in our very own backyards – and rarer yet is the individual who has lost their affinity for the roarin’ beasts of NASCAR’s early days…the 50’s and 60’s, when racing was Racin‘, and guts and glory far out-weighed financial gain; when mano a mano challenges meant more than media images; when racing was about SPEED, not a driver’s Social Media presence, and taking the checkered flag for a trophy often meant as much about braggin’ rights as first-place money.

And while it might not specifically be a Christmas “gift,” my personal thanks go out to those who took on the responsibility – and honor, then who set about preserving this precious era of racing’s past history – using the original cars whenever possible, and largely adhering to historical accuracy in the recreation of now-forever-lost race cars of note.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving, generation after generation.

May God Bless each of you with a peaceful Christmas full of holiday cheer and smiles.


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