A New Birthday

An update written by Judy earlier today…what an angel He brought me. – GB

After 16 months, and a multitude of doctors appointments, radiation treatments, multiple chemotherapies and Immunotherapy treatment…
Gray finally received his
Stem Cell Transplant and a New Birthday!

We could not have made it this far without Friends, Family and Faith!

We know the coming week is going to be a little rough, but it isn’t anything that we can’t handle, it is in God’s hands.

Thank everyone for your continued support, prayers and love. ❤️

3 thoughts on “A New Birthday

  1. My prayers are with you two. I hope you feel the support and prayers of everyone as you move to the butt kicking stage of this fight. The Bible says ‘you are the head and not the tail’ so I know you’ve got this. Y’all inspire me in many ways.


    • Kim –
      Just a note to say hello and express my deepest hopes that all is going well with you and yours. We keep pluggin’ along…so far all seems to be good; now just to stay free of a cold or flu for a couple.months!
      But I’ll make it; got too much yet to.do to check out early. And much goes for the thoughts and prayers of good folks, such as YOU.

      Stay safe


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