Here we go…

In early September, by the 9th at least, to be specific, after undergoing a series of self-administered growth stimulant injections, as well as surgical installation of a Hickman catheter in my upper chest, Judy and I will be relocating to the Durham, NC area so that I will be able to undergo a Stem Cell Transplant in an effort to stave off Multiple Myeloma, an incurable cancer of the bone marrow cells that’s been kinda cramping our style for the past year.

While at Duke Medical, Judy will have to get me to the hospital every – EVERY – day to be tested for 21 straight days to ensure I am doing OK and no signs of rejection, organ damage, or infection are beginning to reveal themselves, as well as be prepared to get me to the hospital immediately, 24/7, should certain circumstances arise. For that 21 days, I will not be allowed to be any place other than our residence or the hospital, or between the two; absolutely NO public outings will be allowed.

While we are certain to be there for a minimum of three weeks, our stay will be open-ended, dependent upon how well my system endures the transplant protocol, and any unexpected delays related to my treatment. I will be especially vulnerable to infections for some time, several months even, perhaps, as my body recovers.

There’s much we just don’t know.

But what we DO know is that. before we get busy with doctor appointments and prepping for our move, this is the ideal time to thank those who have taken the time or made it their task to offer aid of all types and, most importantly, encouragement, over the past few months. You’ve brightened many a dark day.

We enter this phase of our lives eyes wide open – to the amazing friends, family, medical personnel – and faith – we’ve been blessed with that have gotten us this far. Thanks to that foundation we are prepared for battle and ready to face this demon head-on, with the full force of an Army of Believers behind us.

And while Thy Will Shall Be Done, with His help we intend to win

Regardless, our eternal thanks to everyone; you’ve each brightened a dark day or brought a much-needed smile to our faces. And it’ll never be forgotten.

Now hold my sweet tea while I deal with this lil booger…catch y’all soon.

8 thoughts on “Here we go…

    • I also have a BAD ASS role model to emulate. Hope you’re doing well.

      Thank you…I’ve been blessed with so much in life, and the support shown me has been astounding.

      Thanks for the encouraging words…hope to see ya soov


  1. I think about you often, Gray. I just got home from another treatment for the cancer I’ve battled since 2013. There was a lady sitting across from me that was so sick. I just wanted to do something for her so bad. Then I heard the bell ring twice for people that had success. It’s such a hard disease, but hope is always there. I’ve felt the prayers and support of family and friends and I know prayer works. I’ve had success and I pray the lady today will, too. All this to say, God has your back and I pray for your success with your battle. You and Judy are strong people and that’s the best place to start. Prayers for you both every day❣❣


  2. One of our best friends went through this same treatment! Apartment near Duke, and always ready to go at a moments notice. This was 16 years ago and she kicked cancers butt!! I have faith
    that you will do the same. Prayers for you and your family as you go through this journey.


  3. My prayers continue to be with you & Judy. Your attitude and strength are an example to us all. I appreciate the inspiration that is evident in your fight.


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