A Thanksgiving Week Message of Thanks…and a thought.

tgiving 1 2018


I’m humbled

What a difference a few short months can make. And my world has surely been shaken. But I can only shudder at the thought of what a difference it would have been without y’all.

Some folks fancy me a writer; all I know is sometimes I have some things I wanna say. But right now all I can think of to say is that you guys are incredible.

That, and Thank You. The outpouring of concern via cards, calls, messages, Facebook posts, visits, delivery of home-made treats, considerations made to accommodate my conditions and such has been amazing. And actually far beyond humbling. It has, at times, been astounding. I was taught as a lad that one could easily judge the true character of a person by how they treated those who could do nothing for them in return. And throughout my life I’ve seen that repeatedly proven true. But never so personally; never on this scale.

I live among some truly amazing, incredible people.

At the end of each day, there’s so much that I don’t know, and will never understand – actually about a lot of things, on a lot of levels, especially right now – but most specifically and significantly regarding my health. And it scares me.

One thing I DO know, however, is that this season is set aside expressly for me to have “The Chance”, an explicit opportunity to express my feelings of gratefulness to those who have been so kind to me, both lately and throughout my life. And the list is long indeed.

But this year is seems even more about “The Chance”…because it’s been the chance to experience those Divinely-driven acts in a new light, with a greater admiration and a deeper sense of appreciation, from a fresh perspective that’s helped me cope with some dark days. And again, it was, simply put, humbling. And deeply healing. They each made a difference.

That Chance has helped reaffirm a weakening belief in the goodness of people, and nurtured a fading coal back into a glowing ember from which fire can be again stoked. And thanks to the positive support, I know that I have a chance, so I can better accept my fate and make a solid plan and prepare an impassioned fight, knowing I have a support team of untold power, depth and faith behind me.

With that – and my precious Judy and my folks by my side – all I needed was that Chance. I will win.

And perhaps you might wanna make special “The Chance” being presented to you this year, too. Make a much-too-long-delayed phone call to an old high-school pal, plan a visit to an aging relative, send an email to a friend who has grown distant. No one is guaranteed the next moment, much less the next year — and age has no bearing.

And you don’t want to be reminded the hard way what “distant” can really mean, especially when it’s combined with the word “forever”.

Give it a think. And a chance.

Nevertheless, THANK YOU, my Angels and Saints, one and all for your role in rebuilding this imperfect beast. Thanks to each of you, our Good Lord, my family, dearest Judy, and the kind and knowledgeable folks over at the Scotland Cancer Treatment Center and up at the Duke Medical University Adult Bone Marrow Transplant Clinic, I’m hoping Thanksgiving 2019 will be a bit peppier.

And, lastly, may the Gracious Lord Bless You and Yours this Thanksgiving Season with good health, safe and happy days and peaceful nights, the greatest gifts of all.

Just below Love. ALL you need is Love.

And “The Chance”.


tgiving2 2018

2 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Week Message of Thanks…and a thought.

  1. This is such a thoughtful and touching message. Thank you for reminding us at this Thanksgiving time. May God continue to bless you & Judy with his new mercies every day.


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