Get out your Boogie Shoes….

reunion ad for FB - 0624170001

Seek and ye shall find…ask and ye shall receive.

Well, we were asked and now you shall receive as the decision is final: The class reunion being held October 6-7 is NOW OPEN to ANYONE who was a member of a 1970’s class at Bennettsville High School!

To be brief, we want all those SLIGHTLY-older folks we admired when we were underclassmen to have the opportunity to be there to celebrate those good ol’ days with us, as well as those that carried the Green Gremlin banner forward after our departure.

Moreover, sadly, it seems we had more unity and social harmony THEN than we apparently do today, and it’s starting to look like we’re just gonna have to show them how you do it OLD SKOOL-style, beginning October 6 with a tailgate event at the MCHS Bulldog Homecoming Game, then on October 7 with a dinner and dance at The Skye in Downtown Bennettsville!

You don’t wanna miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to relive the days of your youth, especially WITH those who enjoyed them beside you, so click the link – – and RSVP ASAP…and PASS THE WORD!

Be there, or be square…Book it, Dan-O…Aloha.

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