Here We Go Gremlins, Here We Go…


Hear Ye, Hear Ye…even if you have to turn up your hearing aids, you old codgers, hear me one and all, near and far!

Four decades have passed and the time has finally come for a good old-fashioned, late 70’s style Green Gremlins get-together! And the good news is there’s one on the horizon for the Bennettsville High School classes of 1975, ’76, and ’77, scheduled for later this year.

And the better news is there’s still time for YOU to get involved and make this a truly memorable event!

Preliminary plans call for our primary event to be a dinner and dance held this fall, most likely in September, hopefully coinciding with a Marlboro County High School Bulldog home football game so that those who can make it into town early will have an opportunity to share in that experience with old friends and family.

Early plans also call for other events over the weekend, including a possible good-natured round of friendly-wagered golf on Saturday, or other outdoor activities such as boating or fishing activities on Lake Paul Wallace, weather permitting, as well as other activities for both the guys and gals.

We aim for it to be a fun-filled time of fellowship and semi-raucous recollection, and awards will be also given out for a variety of “lifetime achievements,” some most likely a bit tongue-in-cheek.

However we also want to be certain that we remember with reverence the classmates, educators, and staff members who were such a big part of our lives back in those golden days that are sadly no longer with us, and we will need everyone to help us ensure that no one is overlooked. I’ll trust they’ll have the best seats in the house that night, and I thank them for us all for sharing their lives with us. Help us honor their memory and spirit by joining in this celebration of our youthful years together.

And I think they’d all want us to, as Parliament would have said back in the day, “Blow the roof off da sucka,” so put on your memory caps and go back in time to that time of bell-bottom pants and leisure suits and Fred Sanford’s “You big dummy!” and JJ’s “Kid DY-NO-MITE!”. Be recalling all the fun of the movies, TV, clothes, hair styles, and music of the greatest years of all time – the 70’s, in addition to your favorite high school teachers, slang words, memories, and partners in mischief, and bottle them all up to share with us this fall.

Thus far only a Planning Committee has been organized to do the very basic groundwork needed to get the ball rolling, but there’s going to be lots more to do, and lots of help needed to get it done. We will need people to volunteer to assist with things such as compiling and consolidating the memorial names, chairing the decorating/memorabilia committee, coordinating various schedules, and other organizational tasks, much of which will be addressed via our Facebook group page, video teleconference, or group messaging.

In order to generate the monies necessary to fund the initial expenses of putting on this reunion, an ONLINE AUCTION in being held on the BHS Reunion FB page. Deana Chavis Baker has graciously donated her 1977 SPECTATOR YEARBOOK, in near-pristine condition (except for a single page bearing her name, which can easily be removed) as the first item to be offered for auction, with a minimum opening bid set at only $50. The winning bid will be determined at midnight on March 12, 2017, with the winner announced on the Reunion FB Page on March 13th.


And continue to watch for other items to be posted for auction as they become available.

In closing, we want this to be an affair to remember, so please consider stepping up and assuming a role – or donating an item for auction – as every little bit helps toward making this event bigger and better. Feedback and assistance from as many members of these three classes as possible is going to be vital to us – ALL of us – making this the best reunion possible so we ask you to spread the word loud and long, then get aboard this effort and let’s get this train rolling!

Looking forward to your ideas, participation, and seeing you all this fall!


Bennettsville High School Green Gremlins…




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